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Hi there

I'm Lucia Li. As an artistic professional, I’m always looking for the next opportunity to translate what I experience into art. I have fully experience with all kinds of fine arts media. I use my own way to combine the traditional techniques with contemporary culture and aspect in my arts. 

If you are interested in my works, please reach out to me in anyway you like. I would be honored to communicate with you about all my works or cooperate with you.


Artist Bio

About Lucia Li 李淑宇

2001  Was born in Xi'an Shaanxi 

2017  Started Art career 

2019-2022  BFA in General Fine Arts and Painting Minor

Maryland Institute College of Art

2023-2025  MFA in Multidisciplinary Arts
Mount Royal School of Art

Artist Statement

My artistic creations draw inspiration from my experiences as an individual navigating the complexities of contemporary society. In my work, I delve into the abstract and surreal dimensions of existence, seeking to unravel philosophical inquiries and unravel the nuances of spatial form. I am unwavering in my commitment to challenging the confines of conventional painting by embracing a diverse range of multimedia and unconventional formats.

My foray into performance art is a deliberate exploration of the intricate relationship between the artist and the artwork. With each performance, I present distinct conceptual narratives to the audience, ensuring that no two works are ever repeated. In this endeavor, I mold myself into a unique template that weaves through all my creations, serving as a consistent thread that ties my arts together.


Skills & Accomplishments


BFA in General Fine Arts and Painting Minor
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Baltimore, MD
GPA 3.83, Dean's list (2020-2022)


MFA in Multidisciplinary Arts
Mount Royal School of Art


  • Studio: Oil painting, Acrylic painting, Markers, Clay based sculpture, Plaster, Ceramics, Ink

  • Sound: Bass guitar, Piano, Vocal, Midi keyboard, Ableton live 11, GarageBand, Guitar pro.

  • Digital: Photoshop, Premiere pro, After effects, Procreate, Zbrush, Blender, TouchDesigner, MadMapper



Group Art Festival, Artomatic, 2100 M St NW, Washiington DC

Solo Art Exhibition, Under the Human Clothing, HighlandTown Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Auction-Experimental Jam, Rhizome, Washington DC


Group Exhibition, CNTRL Bmore Exhibition, 10 E North Ave, Baltimore, MD

Performance Art Festival, Spectral, Rhizome, Washington DC

Group Exhibition, Haunted Art-Skeleton Crawl, 145 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Performance Art Exhibition, Singing, Rhizome, Washington DC

Performance Art Exhibition, Last Dance, 1901 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD

Group Exhibition, In Uncertainty We Trust, Sheila & Richard Riggs Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Performance Art Exhibition, The Rotunda, Philadelphia, PA
Group Exhibition, Three Patterns, The Bank 1901 Charles St, Baltimore, MD
Performance Art Exhibition, Rhizome, Washington DC
Group Exhibition, Art Walk 2023, Main 0 Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Collabrative Exhibition (Soundtrack Part), Fullcircle Fine Art Gallery, July, Baltimore, MD
Collabrative Performance Art Show (Curation & Main Performance), Light Me Up/Lower Me Down, Merci, Baltimore, MD
Group Performance Art Show, With Salt in Mind, Current Space Gallery, Baltimore, MD

Group Exhibition, Blue, Fox 3 Gallery, 1305 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, MD

Professional Expierence


Multimedia Event Teaching Assistant & Sound Consultant 

Event Published and Promoted by Bmore Art Press


General Fine Art Senior Thesis Teaching Assistant


SHEIN’s Collaborate Artist
Current Space Gallery Internship
Mitch Treger & Accomplices Bass Player

Published in Observica Magazine- Impulse Edition

Published in Artistonish Magazine
Fancywall's Graphic and Product designer
Fine Arts Portfolio Teacher, YiMeng Art Institution, China
Studio Assistant, Chang’an Ceramics Studio, China

Teaching Assistant & Oil Painting Teacher, Gao’s Art Institution, Xi’an China
Interviewed by People’s Daily


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